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As Milosevic calls for a Defense Center in The Netherlands, Carla del Ponte swears she will have proof that he's October
by Jared Israel
[Posted 31 July 2003]

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President Slobodan Milosevic's truly epic struggle to refute the lies about Yugoslavia is entering a new stage. The Prosecution is supposed to finish its case by the end of the year. The bankruptcy of that case is demonstrated by the amazing statement Carla del Ponte made two weeks ago, promising that she will produce evidence that Slobodan Milosevic is guilty no later than October. [1]

President Milosevic recently held two important meetings.

On July 17th, the President met with leaders of his party, the Socialist Party of Serbia. On the 18th, he met with Nico Varkevisser. Varkevisser is spokesperson for President Milosevic's support group, the ICDSM. (He is also an editor of the Website, Emperor's Clothes.)

Varkevisser reports that President Milosevic stressed the urgency of immediately building a strong defense organization in the Netherlands and fund raising for the maintenance of his defense. Varkevisser is to set up a foundation to support the Defense Center. President Milosevic is to be the foundation's chairperson.


Del Ponte has urgent tasks as well...


While President Milosevic and Nico Varkevisser discussed creating the Defense Center, Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte was telling the media that "she will begin focusing on the genocide charges against Slobodan Milosevic," presenting "crucial evidence" later than October. [2]

She will *begin focusing* on producing such evidence?

Nico Varkevisser commented: "They demonize a people for 12 years; they destroy the country; they throw the elected President in jail in Belgrade and then they kidnap him in defiance of the Constitutional Court and ship him to The Hague; they keep him in a dungeon of a jail for two years while he exposes every witness as a liar; and after all that, they shall now "begin focusing" on providing evidence against him.

"Is this a bitter joke? No, it is not a joke. They have been defeated by President Milosevic because their case is all lies and he has refused to crawl."[3]

Varkevisser continued: "The Security Council is about to discuss a letter from Kofi Anan requesting that The Hague and Rwanda tribunals be separated, with each having a full compliment of prosecutors, organizational staff, and so on. Perhaps this has something to do with the heavy military and other involvement of the US and the former European colonial powers in Central Africa. But also, perhaps this is a reprimand for del Ponte, as if they were saying: 'You have failed, miserable creature. Now, go and devote all your energy to The Hague. You and your hundreds of assistants better reverse the humiliating defeat we have suffered at the hands of Milosevic!'

"So this is del Ponte's reward for having been their servile attack dog: she takes the blame for the collapse of their house of lies. Perhaps she will end up in jail.

"Meanwhile the real issue is this: the Security Council must stop this show trial. Will they? Or will they further involve the United Nations in the criminal attack on Yugoslavia?"


Footnotes and Further Reading follows the Fundraising Appeal


Please Help Us Create the Milosevic Defense Center in The Hague


As the struggle in The Hague enters a new phase, President Milosevic has asked Nico Varkevisser to organize a defense Center in the Netherlands. This Center will handle media work, research and other aspects of support for President Milosevic's struggle. President Milosevic has asked Mr. Varkevisser to set up a Foundation to support the Defense Center. This Foundation will be chaired by the President.

We most urgently need funds to 1) set up the Foundation and 2) establish office facilities and related costs. Your donation may have an historic effect!

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* Footnotes and Further Reading *


[1] In a speech made in June 1999, UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook justified the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia on the grounds that Slobodan Milosevic was a monstrous racist who had to be stopped. By way of proof, he cited Milosevic's famous 1989 speech, delivered to perhaps a million people in Kosovo. Cook claimed it was an ultra-nationalist speech in which Milosevic "launched his personal agenda of power and ethnic hatred under the cloak of nationalism."

Cook was lying. Milosevic's speech was the exact opposite: a plea for ethnic tolerance. In it, Milosevic argues that the greatness of Serbia is its diversity and tolerance. He accuses foreign powers of whipping up nationalism in order to breakup Yugoslavia. But don't take my word. See for yourself! We posted the U.S. government translation, at

And the BBC translation at

As you read the speech and realize that the text differs *completely* from what Cook and the Western media have claimed, you may wonder: is this the real translation? Or have we altered it?

We transcribed the BBC's translation from microfilm in a University library. We made pdf files of the microfilm. To view the pdfs visit these links:

Prof. Francisco Gil-White has made an exhaustive comparison between what Milosevic's attackers claim he said in this speech and what he actually said. These attackers include the NY Times, Newsweek, the London Times, etc. It is hard to believe that these respected publications would outright lie about what Milosevic said. But in fact, they *did* outright lie, even putting racist-sounding statements in quotes and falsely attributing them to Milosevic! It is stunning. Gil-White's study can be read at

If you would like to track down an English translation of this crucial speech on your own, Gil-White has compiled instructions on how to do that. Go to

[2] Following is the relevant text from the Calgary Herald story in which del Ponte's promised she would produce "critical" evidence... soon.

[Excerpt from Calgary Herald starts here]

Calgary Herald (Alberta, Canada); July 17, 2003 Thursday Final Edition; Section: News; Pg. A16; Source: The Associated Press; Dateline: The Hague

Milosevic Trial Shifts To Genocide

With time running out to conclude her case, [actually to *make* her case - JI] the chief UN war-crimes prosecutor said Wednesday she will begin focusing on the genocide charges against Slobodan Milosevic, and the next few months will be critical.

The prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, said crucial evidence will soon be presented to the tribunal regarding the former Yugoslav president's involvement with the massacre in Srebrenica and the months-long bombardment of Sarajevo, and she was confident it would lead to convictions for genocide -- the most serious of the 66 charges Milosevic faces.

The prosecution has until the end of the year to complete its case in the Milosevic trial, which began in February 2002.

Milosevic, who is representing himself, will then have equal time -- nearly two years -- to present his defence."

[Excerpt from Calgary Herald starts here]

[3] It is a matter of public record that then chief prosecutor Arbour was ordered by the leading NATO powers, particularly the US and UK, to indict Slobodan Milosevic. The following articles contain documentation of NATO control of the Tribunal and proof from the public record that NATO leaders ordered the Tribunal to indict Milosevic.

* "Official Statements Prove Hague 'Tribunal' Belongs to NATO"

"Attorney Asks: Does your Research show that Hague Prosecutor Arbour conferred with NATO politicians prior to indicting Milosevic?"

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