"Witness To Jasenovac's Hell"

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"Witness To Jasenovac's Hell"
by Ilya Ivanovic

[Posted 17 January 2003]

This text includes:
* Comments by
Jared Israel
* Comments by editor of "Witness,"
Wanda Schindley
* Link to
sample chapter ('Great Escape') * Order information

Comments by Jared Israel:

Croatian President Franjo Tudjman was one of twelve foreign leaders honored at the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC in 1993. This is remarkable. *Who* invited him?

Tudjman was a Holocaust denier, a Serbophobe and an apologist for the Croatian clerical fascists, the Ustashas. [1] During World War II, their 'Independent' State of Croatia set up the first Nazi death camp in Europe. It was called 'Jasenovac'.

An Associated Press dispatch reported that Tudjman wrote: "...the 'main characteristics' of Jews were 'selfishness, craftiness, unreliability, miserliness, underhandedness and secrecy."'

Who invited this anti-Semite to the Holocaust Museum?

The same Associated Press dispatch reported: "...Naomi Paiss, communications director for the [Holocaust] museum, said the State Department recommended that Tudjman, as a democratically elected leader, be given an invitation." (AP, 21/4/93)

Ahh, "recommended." As in: they recommended; she obeyed.

Two points about this.

First, even if Tudjman had been elected democratically, which is highly debatable, [2] why would that be relevant? It was no secret he was a racist thug. This was obvious long before the summer of 1995, at which time Croatian troops, led by US 'advisers', drove the entire Serbian population, mostly farmers, out of the Krajina area of Yugoslavia. Tudjman went on a train tour to celebrate. His racism - grimly reminiscent of Nazism - was made clear in this excerpt from a speech, broadcast by Croatian radio and monitored by the BBC:

"And [applause] there can be no return to the past, to the times when they the Serbs were spreading cancer in the heart of Croatia, cancer which was destroying the Croatian national being and which did not allow the Croatian people to be the master in its own house and did not allow Croatia to lead an independent and sovereign life under this wide, blue sky and within the world community of sovereign nations." [3]

"Cancer destroying the heart of the Croatian national being..." If this sounds like anti-Semitism, it should be no surprise. In Tudjman's 1989 book, "Wastelands - Historical Truth," he endorsed the amazing claim that in the Jasenovac death camp, Jewish prisoners:

"...jealously kept the monopoly of the management inside the camp and took the initiative in provoking not only individual but also mass slaughters of the non-Jews, Communists, partisans and Serbs..."
-- Franjo Tudjman, 1989, Wastelands--Historical Truth, Zagreb, Croatia: Nakladni zavod Matice Hrvatske

Only a handful of people survived Jasenovac to contradict Tudjman's infamous lie. For example, most of the 80,000 Yugoslav Jews were murdered.

So if Tudjman was a Nazi apologist/thug, *why* was he invited to the opening of the *Holocaust* Museum?

Which brings us to the second point: he who decides the guest list runs the party.

Ms. Paiss' comment, quoted by Associated Press, above, communicated with eloquence who had the ultimate power. For the State Department to use the opening of the Museum to whitewash Tudjman, who blamed Jews for the deaths at Jasenovac, was audacious. To be sure, some well-known Jewish leaders were quoted in the days before the opening, objecting to Tudjman's presence. But their objections were flexible, like a safety valve; they relented. On the night of the opening, they were silent.

Outside the building, Holocaust deniers picketed. Were they stupidly unaware that Mr. Tudjman, King of the deniers, was inside, on stage? Or were they there precisely to divert attention from the fact?

The Holocaust had been seized by State and would henceforth be a weapon of US policy to glorify or denigrate; the Museum was the showcase. That of course is why the US government wanted it built in Washington. Handy when needed.

Mr. Tudjman was on the 'to-be-glorified' list.

The Serbs, who had lost hundreds of thousands to the Nazi death machine, were on the denigrated list. Thus President Milosevic was conspicuously *not* invited to the opening. And not only that; President Clinton and Holocaust scholar Elie Wiesel spoke, implicitly comparing the Serbian people to the Nazis. Clinton threatened war against the Serbs.

And while the Serbian people, whom the Ustashas had slaughtered alongside the Jews, were denounced and threatened with slaughter, no one spoiled the State Department's show by mentioning that an heir to the Ustashas, whom Hitler once called "our Nazis," shared the stage.

Why? Why did *nobody* object? Why was Elie Wiesel silent? Is it because the dead lack clout? If they do, it is not for lack of numbers. As many as one million people (Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and Partisans) were slaughtered at Jasenovac by Mr. Tudjman's friends, slaughtered so terribly that the German Nazis expressed shock.

Lest we forget, the camp was called 'JASENOVAC'.


To read comments by the editor of "Witness," Wanda Schindley, see below. To order go to end of this email.

Read Sample Chapter - We have posted Chapter 38 of the book. It describes the heroic escape of the male prisoners. Go to http://emperors-clothes.com/jasenovac/escape-text.htm

Comments by Editor of
"Witness to Jasenovac's Hell"

In the area of northern Bosnia and what was Krajina, virtually every family was devastated by internments in the Jasenovac prison camp and the subsequent slaughter that happened there. On April 21, 1945, nine days before Hitler committed suicide, and as Allies moved toward Berlin, the Ustasha worked to destroy evidence of the camp and witnesses to the horror. They blew up camp buildings and burned the 760 surviving women until well into the night. On the morning of April 22, 1,060 men and boys broke down the doors of their prison, fought the Ustasha guards with their bare hands, and ran for their lives. Eighty survived. Ilija Ivanovic, a retired teacher, was one of the eighty and is now one of eight witnesses who still lives to tell the story of the escape.
-- Wanda Schindley, Editor

To read part of the chapter on the 1945 escape go to http://www.icdsm.com/jasenovac/escape-text.htm

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Footnotes and Further Reading

1) See, "Meet The Nazis The CIA Married: The Croatian Ustashi," by Petar Makara And Jared Israel at

2) Tudjman was elected amidst a reign of terror by his neo-Fascist Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ). The HDZ was supported by a worldwide network of Ustasha veterans. Wanted for heinous crimes in Yugoslavia, these Ustashas were maintained in comfort by governments in Europe and the Americas. Many Ustashas and their children were brought back to Croatia in the late 1980s and early 1990s to assist Mr. Tudjman's 'democratic' efforts. The Western media suppressed the story of what was going on in Croatia in the early 1990s because it contradicted the official line that 'a democratic Croatia is rising from the ashes of communism,' and so on. Sometimes a *hint* of the truth leaked out. See for example the (London) Independent article at

3) BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
August 28, 1995, Monday
Part 2 Central Europe, the Balkans; FORMER YUGOSLAVIA; CROATIA; EE/D2393/C
Tudjman says Serbs fled Knin thanks to the Croatian Army
Source: Croatian Radio, Zagreb, in Serbo-Croat 1340 gmt 26 Aug 95

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